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Abbas Hamideh - Abbas Hamideh is a Palestinian organizer, born and raised in Puerto Rico. He is a charter member of Al-Awda, working with Al-Awda New York. He currently serves as a coordinator of he Al-Awda Refugee Empowerment Committee.

AbdelFattah Abu-Srour - AbdelFattah Abu-Srour created Al Rowwad Children's Cultural and Theatre Training Center in Aida refugee camp, Palestine, in 1998 to give the children of the camp opportunities to express themselves through the visual and dramatic arts. He was born in Aida and his parents were 1948 refugees from the village of Beit Natif, southwest of Jerusalem.

Ahlam Abed-Hamideh - Ahlam Abed-Hamideh is a Los Angeles-based activist. She is a member of the Palestinian American Women Association (PAWA).

Aiyanis Ormond - Aiyanas Ormond is a veteran of anti-globalization, anti-poverty and social justice struggles in Vancouver, Canada. He is an organizer with the Bus Riders Union and the Palestine Solidarity Group.

Ali El-Kassed - Ali El-Kassed is a lifelong Palestinian activist.

Alison Weir - Alison Weir is the founder of "If Americans Knew," an organization dedicated to providing Americans with information on topics of importance that are misreported or under-reported in the American media. She received the Truth and Justice Award in May 2002 from American Muslims for Jerusalem.

Andy Clarno - Andy Clarno has been active with the Palestine Solidarity Committee in Austin, TX and Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as the International Solidarity Movement. He is currently completing a PhD at the University of Michigan on the geography of power in South Africa and Palestine.

Angela Saad - Angela Saad is a student organizer with Students for a Free Palestine at Wesleyan University. She is writing her senior thesis about Arab American identity and its relationship to the American legal system through an analysis of U.S. foreign policy, immigration history and court cases.

Charlotte Kates - Charlotte Kates is an organizer with Al-Awda New York and New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine. She is a second year law student at Rutgers.

Chris Geovanis - Chris Geovanis is a long-time, progressive media activist based in Chicago. She is a member of the Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, the main anti-war formation in Chicago; a founder of Hammerhard Media; and a leading contributor to Indymedia Chicago.

Conor McGrady - Conor McGrady is an artist and activist from the North of Ireland, currently based in New York. He organizes with Al-Awda New York.

Elias Rashmawi - Elias Rashmawi is national coordinator of the National Council of Arab Americans (NCA) and member of the steering committee of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition. He is vice president of the Greater Sacramento area chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and member of the national steering committee of the Free Palestine Alliance (FPA). Elias is a longtime activist in the Palestinian and Arab community and member of Al-Awda Northern California. In 1997, he was issued a permanent deportation order by the Israeli High Court indefinitely barring his return to Palestine.

Hassan Fouda - Hassan Fouda serves on The Executive Committee of Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition and is the Chair of the Connecticut Chapter.

Hatem Abudayyeh - Hatem Abudayyeh is executive director of the Arab American Action Network in Chicago, a grassroots organization that focuses on providing services and engaging in community organizing in the Arab American community. He is also a member of the Palestine Solidarity Group of Chicago, which organizes a project, the Internationals for Justice in Palestine, that sends solidarity activists from the United States on educational delegations to Palestine.

Hatem Bazian - Dr. Hatem Bazian is a native Palestinian who immigrated to the US in pursuit of higher education. His twenty years of experience as a Palestinian activist have earned him the role of a local media spokesperson on Middle East issues. He currently teaches at UC-Berkeley where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Islamic studies, specializing in Islamic Law and the history of Muslims in Jerusalem. Dr. Bazian has also authored numerous articles on various aspects of the Middle East. In the past, he has also played a significant role in the civil rights, anti-Apartheid, and affirmative action movements at Berkeley. Dr. Hatem Bazian holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies. He teaches Arabic and Maliki Fiqh at the Zaytuna Institute. Dr.Bazian is the Director of Al-Qalam Institute of Islamic Sciences, Berkeley.

Isma'il Kamal - Isma'il Kamal is an organizer with the Muslim Students Association national organization and with the Sudanese American Society. He has engaged in outreach with the MSA with national antiwar organizations and other groups and communities.

Jess Ghannam - Jess Ghannam is a psychologist and a professor at the University of California-San Francisco. He is active in Al-Awda San Francisco and works in unity with student groups in the Bay Area.

Kamau Franklin - Kamau Franklin is an activist attorney working on cases of political prisoners. He is a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. Kamau helped to establish New York City PoliceWatch, an organization which collects data on police brutality and misconduct, makes free legal referrals for victims, conducts "Know Your Rights" workshops and participates with various communities in organized attempts to combat the problem of police brutality.

Karen Spence - Karen Spence organizes with Al-Awda San Diego, with whom she serves as webmaster and develops outreach literature. She also serves on the Al-Awda Media Committee and the Al-Awda Coalition Committee.

Dr. Karma Nabulsi - Dr. Karma Nabulsi was a PLO representative from 1977 to 1990. She is currently a Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College and a teacher at Oxford University.

Khaled Turaani - Khaled Turaani is the founder and director of American Muslims for Jerusalem. Among the achievements of this organization are pressuring Disney to change an exhibit portraying Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and generating hundreds of news stories educating Americans about the reality of conditions faced by Muslims and Christians in the holy city.

Kouross Ismaeli - Kouross Ismaeli recently returned from working with Palestinian refugees in Iraq.

Laila al-Arian - Laila al-Arian is the daughter of political prisoner Sami al-Arian and recent graduate of Georgetown University who has been active in working to publicize her father's case and win his freedom.

Lamis Deek - Lamis Deek is a Palestinian organizer born in Nablus, Palestine and raised in New York. She is member and co-chair of Al-Awda New York. She is a recent law school graduate awaiting finalization of her license and works in the field of political asylum and general litigation.

Larry Holmes - Larry Holmes is an organizer with the International Action Center , co-founder of the workfare organizing group Workfairness and a longtime activist for social justice.

Lumumba Bandele - Lumumba Bandele is an organizer with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

Mahmud Ahmad - Mahmud Ahmad is on the steering committee of Free Palestine Alliance-US and with International A.N.S.W.E.R. as well as Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East.

Marwan Abdel Razzaq - Marwan Abdel Razzaq is a member of Al-Awda's chapter at UCLA.

May Seikaly - Dr. May Seikaly is an associate professor of History at Wayne State University in the Department of Near Eastern and Asian Studies. She received her Ph.D from Oxford University in 1983. For several years Dr. Seikaly has been involved in the collection and archiving of Palestinian memory through the use of Oral documentation. She is currently working on Palestinian displacement and reconstruction of Palestinian social history with heavy emphasis on oral narrative.

Mazin Qumsiyeh - Mazin Qumsiyeh is a co-founder of Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, and chair of its Media Committee.

Miro Gal - Miro Gal is an artist and activist from New York. He currently lectures at the School of Visual Arts and New York University.

Mona Eldahry - Mona Eldahry is an organizer with Al-Awda New York, and co-founder of Arab Women Active in Arts and Media.

Musa Al-Hindi - Musa al-Hindi is a Palestinian organizer born and raised in Bourj el-Barajneh, a suburb of Beirut. He currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska and he serves as a coordinator of the Al-Awda Events Committee.

Noel Winkler - Noel Winkler is an organizer with Al-Awda New York and New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine.

Polly Sylvia - Polly Sylvia is a CUNY Graduate student and local activist who has recently traveled to the West Bank with the New York Committee to Defend Palestine. Upon her return, she has organized reportbacks in the community.

Rabie Masri - Rabie Masri organizes with the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees who are struggling for permanent landed status in Canada.

Rama Kased - Rama Kased is an organizer with Al-Awda New York and co-founder of Arab Women Active in Arts and Media. She is a Palestinian activist who has often spoken about the right of return at national rallies, including those in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.

Randa Jamal - Randa Jamal is a Palestinian organizer born in Ramallah. She is a member and co-chair of Al-Awda New York. She previously worked with the Zapatistas in Chiapas, and she participated in a humanitarian delegation to Iraq in 2000.

Reem Abu-Sbaih - Reem Abu-Sbaih organizes with Al-Awda New York and previously worked with the Arab American Family Services Center. She has worked with detainees and their families, as well as with the Special Registration process.

Reem Alnuweiri - Reem Alnuweiri is an organizer with Al-Awda Vancouver and the Palestine Solidarity Group, and is coordinator of the International Solidarity Movement - Vancouver.

Rhoda Shapiro - Rhoda Shapiro is an activist and writer working with Al-Awda.

Richard Becker - Richard Becker is West Coast Regional Co-coordinator of the International Action Center and International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition steering committee member. Becker has traveled to Palestine and Iraq on numerous occasions.

Rima Anabtawi - Rima Anabtawi is a Palestinian-American writer and a founding member of Al-Awda. She serves as Co-Chair of the Al-Awda Events committee and interim representative for the Refugee Empowerment committee. She is Executive Editor of Palestine Media Watch, the CNN division. She is a member of the Right of Return Congress.

Salah Mansour - Salah Mansour is a Chicago-based Palestinian activist. He is the founder and webmaster of PalestineRemembered.com

Salman Abu Sitta - Dr. Salman Abu-Sitta is a former member of the Palestine National Council, founder of the Canadian Arab Federation and world leading research authority on Palestinian refugees.

Samia Halaby - Samia Halaby is a Palestinian activist and internationally renowned artist. She is active with Al-Awda New York, the Al-Jisser Working Group, and the New York Committee to Defend Palestine.

Senan Khairie - Senan Khairie, born and raised in el Beireh/ Ramalleh, is an organizer in Northern California. He is an active member of the Justice in Palestine Coalition and ADC-San Francisco. He also serves on the Al-Awda Coordinating Committee and is a member of Al-Awda San Francisco.

Stefan Christoff - Stefan Christoff is a community organizer and artist living in Montreal active with the Karameh campaign. Stefan also is active with the No One is Illegal Campaign of Montreal, CLAC (the Anti-Capitalist Convergence) and works with CKUT Community Radio in Montreal.

Tiokasin Ghosthorse - Tiokasin Ghosthorse is producer and host of First Voices Indigenous Radio. He identifies as a spiritual agitator, natural rights organizer, Indigenous thinking process educator, and community activator.

Toufic Haddad - Toufic Haddad is co-editor of "Between the Lines", a radical journal in Palestine dedicated to exposing colonialism and apartheid and working for a secular-democratic vision.

Waleed Bader - Waleed Bader is a community organizer working with the Arab Muslim American Federation in New York.

Zahi Damuni - Zahi Damuni is a co-founder of Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition Colaition. Formerly active with Al-Awda Pennsylvania, he now resides in California where he is a founding member Al-Awda San Diego.

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