Al-Awda, Palestine Right to Return Coalition First Annual Convention
(Toronto, Canada)
Resolutions passed on June 22, 2003
Reaffirmed April 18, 2004


Resolution 1

The Palestinian right of return is a historical, national and collective right rooted in the individual and collective inviolable right of an individual and a people to their original homes, property, and homeland, and to restitution, regardless of agreements, developments in international law and political framework. It is a right that transcends generations, political entities, and is not subject to any form of negation or compromise. It is an inextricable right from the fundamental right of unconditional self-determination for the totality of the Palestinian people regardless of their place of residence or birth.

Resolution 2

Al-Awda 2003 Convention opposes the US sponsored Road Map, which aims at suppressing the human and national rights of the Palestinian people. The Convention expresses support for the struggle of the Palestinian people, currently spearheaded by the Intifada, to achieve national resistance goals including, but not limited to, ending Zionist colonization, implementing the right of return, and achieving self-determination. Al-Awda Convention does not recognize any self-proclaimed Palestinian leadership, elected or appointed, in compromising any Palestinian national rights, especially the right of return.

Resolution 3

Al-Awda 2003 Convention demands the immediate termination of the use of the term "Israel/Palestine", and any of its combinations, in all and any Al-Awda related documents.

Resolution 4

Al-Awda 2003 Convention demands the immediate release of all political prisoners from all Israeli and Palestinian Authority jails.